Concert Music

Drawing Restraint for String Duo and Electronics (2017)
Pyer Moss AW16 for Choir and Piano Quintet (2016)
Out of Time for Violin, Piano and Electronics (2016)
Trio for Flute, Violin and Cello (2015)
Potential Energies, a ballet for Piano Quintet (2014)
Lost Generation for Piano Quintet (2012)
As We Are for Mixed Ensemble and Electronics (2011)
Fixated Nights for Brass Quintet (2010)
Programming Harmony for Clarinet Duo (2009)
Les Adieux Suite for Piano Quartet (2009)
Night Out for Violin and Flute (2009)
Suspended Harmonies for Mixed Ensemble (2008)
Machines of Loving Grace for Wind Quintet and Piano (2005)
Eight Faces of the Rothko Chapel for String Trio (2004)

Test Site 1: (In)habit for Dance, Piano and Electronics (2016)
Kempner for Solo Piano and Tape (2015)
Trio for Piano (2015)
Heterozygous Dances for Solo Violin (2013)
Unsound Grounds for Solo Piano (2008)
Ideal Spheres for Solo Flute (2008)
Nocturnes for Piano (2004)
Recursive Dances for Solo Piano (2004)

“Recurrent Dream” for Soprano and Orchestra (2009)
Very Large Array for Orchestra (2007)
Color Field from the Rothko Chapel for Chamber Orchestra (2005)
Dancers Worried by the Weight of the Winter Air (2005), a ballet
Five Bagatelles for Chamber Ensemble (2003)

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