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(”Old”) ... Trevor Gureckis’ quietly menacing score walks a similar fine line between the bizarre beauty of their tropical setting and the trouble our characters encounter in this particular paradise.

(”Old”) All of it combines perfectly with the propulsive, drum-heavy score by composer Trevor Gureckis.

The Wrap
(’Voyagers’) "...the score by Trevor Gureckis pivots from 'lyrical poetry of the stars' to 'life-or-death battle in an airlock' smoothly and effectively."

The Hollywood Reporter
(’Servant’) It's all propelled along by a Trevor Gureckis score that goes between lullaby simplicity and experimental cacophony.

Paste Magazine
Trevor Gureckis’ instrumental "The Story of the Goldfinch" is an epic unto itself

Rolling Stone
M. Night Shyamalan Just Wanted the Score for ‘Servant’ to Be Weird.

The Playlist
The soundtrack... oozes that creepy, skin-crawling feeling that the very best horror scores elicit.

The Hollywood Reporter (’The Goldfinch’) “composer Trevor Gureckis’ exceptionally fresh and disarmingly different musical score.”

BBC 3 Sound of Cinema
Object of Desire
(’The Goldfinch’ Radio Interview)

Babysit A Terrifying Track from Trevor Gureckis’ Unsettling Score From ‘Servant’ On Apple TV+

Sound and Picture
Tremolos and Dissonance: Composer Trevor Gureckis on Crafting a Compelling Score for ‘The Goldfinch’.

Next Best Picture Podcast
(’The Goldfinch’ Interview)

Daily Dead
‘Bloodline’ - I've had its infectious, synth-infused soundtrack stuck in my its own character in the film.

Pop Disciple
(In-depth ‘The Goldfinch’ and ‘Bloodline’ Article)

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