Trevor Gureckis


Short About

Trevor Gureckis is an award-winning composer and producer based in NYC. His work spans film, pop, and concert music genres, often drawing from his interests in classical and pop-production to fuse electronic and live instruments in unique ways.

His recent film projects include the third season of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Servant” (Apple TV+) and the 2021 summer hit “Old” (Universal). Trevor produced the electro-pop band My Great Ghost, which is featured on the Philip Glass remix album “Rework_” spearheaded by Beck. Trevor’s solo album of instrumental and electronic music entitled “Corte” was released on Supertrain Records. His scores have been released on Lakeshore Records, Back Lot Music, and WaterTower Records.

He received BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Awards for his score for “Servant” and main title for “Hunters” (Amazon) and was nominated for Best Original Horror Film Score for “Old” at the 2021 HMMA Awards.